The History of Tau Tau Chapter
    Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated

Tau Tau Chapter was founded in Compton, California in February, 1961.
Tau Tau was the third chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity to be chartered
in the Los Angeles Area. Brother Rowland Powell spearheaded the inception
of Tau Tau.  Brother Powell was initiated into the fraternity through
Lambda Chapter at the University of Southern California.  Brother Powell
had recently returned to the Compton area after distinctively serving his
country in the Korean War. Upon his return to Compton, Brother Powell
discovered an overwhelming amount of inactive Omega Men in the
Compton and Los Angeles area.  Through perseverance and commitment,
Brother Powell was able to bring together interested Omega Men with a
willingness to start a new chapter. Brothers instrumental in founding the new
included Brothers John Snead, Huey Dread, James Stansil, McKinley
Exum, Sidney Purdle, Marco Vallery, Johnson Maner, Sylvester Ward,
Thomas Gibson, and Wilfred Smith.  Shortly after inspiring the local
brothers to rededicate them to the business of Omega, Brother Powell
moved to Jackson, Mississippi where he established a successful
veterinarian practice.  The chapter was founded with 25 members.  The first
installation of officers was performed at the Ran Roundup Restaurant.
Brother Wally Daniel did the honors.  The first five Basilei of the chapter

 1st:  Sylvester Ward
 2nd: Huey Dredd
 3rd: Wilfred Smith
 4th:  Emmitt Cox
 5th:  Marco Vallery

Those five men administered the reigns of leadership used to shape the
young chapter and itís community.  General meetings rotated between
brotherís homes.  During the sixties, the brothers of Tau Tau were active in
several local civil rights activities in both Compton and Los Angeles.
Brother Stansil organized several voter registration drives while Brother
Paine established himself as an active participant in community affairs.
There was also a strong crew of Quettes within the chapter that assisted the
brothers in many community activities.  The sixties also saw Tau Tau
develop a positive working relationship with Delta Sigma Theta Sorority at
California State University Los Angeles.  The sixties recorded the
acceptance of Willie Alexander, Daniel Davis, and Charles Banks into the
Lampados Club and later initiation into the fraternity through Tau Tau.

During the seventies, the brotherhood maintained its high level of visibility
within the community.  Brother Dredd was elected PTA President at
Willowbrook Junior High School, while Brother Albert Robinson became
President of the Greenmeadow Boy Scouts and an active member in the
chapter.  The chapter roster reached record high 30 brothers midway
through the decade and the location of general meetings was rotated among
area hotels and restaurants.  One of the chapterís most successful events
during the years was the Omega Boat Ride out of San Pedro.  The seventies
witnessed ups and downs among the brotherhood.  Brothers slowly began to
leave the Compton and Los Angeles areas by way of promotions and job
transfers.  The result was better opportunities for brothers and major
fluctuations in chapter membership.  Through the determination and faith of
Brothers Stansil, Purdle, Exum, Cox, Vallery, and Jimmy Evans, Tau Tau
was able to endure a dwindling membership and met the challenges awaiting
it in the eighties.

The eighties welcomed the addition of Brother Joe Cole Sr. who was
instrumental in the recruitment of Brother Mark Iles.  Brother Iles, who was
initiated into the fraternity through Mu Kappa Chapter at California
Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, helped revitalize the chapter
and chartered its current progressive path.  It was during the administrations
of Brothers mark Iles and Marcus Bedford, a charter member of Mu Kappa
Chapter, that Tau Tau began the practice of regular meeting attendance.
The brotherhoodís belief that information should come first hand prompted
Tau Tau to have representation at all 12th District Meetings, Grand
Conclaves, and Leadership Conferences during the decade.  The
tremendous job done by these two distinctive administrations created a
niche for Tau Tau at the forefront of local fraternal affairs.  The latter part
of the eighties welcomed Brothers Dan Kurtz, Kary Pounders, Kenneth
Willis, and Joe Turner to the fraternal fold through the Selection and
Education process.

The nineties welcomed Brothers Michael Cooper, Donta Montgomery, John
M. Hardin II, Kenneth Lear Jr., and David Crowder also by way of the
Selection and Education process.  Their crossing symbolized the last time
the fraternity would use their traditional method to initiate Brothers into its
international family. For Tau Tau, the early nineties proved to be business
as usual.  Tau Tau developed a reputation for being progressive in
addressing the mandated federal programs as well as the social ills of its
surrounding community.  Subsequently, the Mighty Tau Tau was awarded
the 12th District Chapter of the Year two consecutive years in 1991 and
1992.  Tau Tau is also home of two consecutive Omega Man of the Year
recipients.  Brothers Ricky Lewis and Chris Tyiska brought the award back
to Compton in 1991 and 1992 respectively.  During the 1992 Grand
Conclave held in Atlanta Georgia, Brother Marcus Bedford was recognized
as the Fraternities Superior Service Award recipient.  During Brother Lewisí
administration as Basileus, the chapter developed a business approach to its
fraternal obligations.  It has been its regular submission of articles to the
Oracle and proven ability to implement the various mandated that has led
Tau Tau into the national spotlight.  In 1991, the brotherhood witnessed the
introduction of the Membership Intake Program as Omegas accepted
method of initiation.  The new fraternal program resulted in the additions of
Brothers Vernard Owens, Lucious Wilder, Devin Rodriguez, and Jesse
Boyce in 1992. November 1, 1992 began the Chris Tyiska administration at
Tau Tau.  Brother Tyiska, along with Brothers Franklin Love; Vice
Basileus, John Hardin II; Keeper of Records and Seal, and Dulaney Hill;
Keeper of Finance, publicly committed themselves to the 32 year tradition
of Excellence established by the charter members.  Once again, the entire
chapter rededicated itself to the principles of Manhood, Scholarship,
Perseverance, and Uplift as envisioned by the fraternityís four founders.
Now more than fifty brothers strong, the thoroughly immersed Brothers of
Tau Tau are prepared to claim the decade of the nineties in the name of
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated.